An Effective Home Snoring Remedy May Require Exercise And Lifestyle Changes

There are a number of different types of the home snoring remedy available that are different to the ubiquitous tennis ball cure. The simplest home snoring remedy may be elevating the head with extra pillows or by raising the head of the bed by a few inches which would enable reducing the chance of the throat muscles completely blocking the air passage and also help the snorer relax in his or her sleep.

Also, a home snoring remedy one can easily perform is to sleep on the side rather than on the back to eliminate the tongue and soft palate from falling back and so narrow the airway.

Lifestyle Changes

There are a number of lifestyle changes that can be thought of as being a home snoring remedy and they include exercising more, losing weight as well as not taking alcohol and not smoking cigarettes. It is recommended that the snorer simply should not take any alcohol prior to sleeping due to the fact that alcohol will relax the throat muscles and thus block the air passage more than is necessary.

Also, cigarette smoking results in restricting the air passage and causes the person to snore and use of tranquilizers; sleeping pills as well as antihistamines are also not recommended. Besides these home snoring remedies, there are also over-the-counter snoring remedies available that includes anti-snoring pills, throat sprays and nasal strips. However, the home snoring remedy that may be easy to perform and fast to act is the snoring exercise which may help to lick the problem as no other nasal spray or strip can do. It may involve keeping the top of the tongue against the palate and sucking back hard on the back of the tongue. One can experiment with this snoring exercise till one gets it right and soon, one should feel the palate begin to strain and tighten and this snoring exercise may be performed for several minutes each day.

Other home snoring remedies include not eating or drinking directly before going to bed, not eating foods that are rich in fat or salt, and not sleeping on the back. Getting the right diet so that one may lose extra weight is another useful home snoring remedy as also having the doctor order you a cervical collar which should help in greatly reducing the snoring sounds. An overweight person should follow a strict regime that consists of a balanced diet accompanied by regular exercise. This should greatly help reduce or eliminate snoring.