2.a Design your business model

modelH – the Business Model Method for Collaborative Healthcare Innovation

The Bolier Room: Part 2.a Design your business model

Can you clearly define the building blocks that enable your healthcare business model to repeatedly create paths to known outcomes? Can you define who pays for your product, who influences its purchase, and who uses it? Do you know who compels and who distracts consumers from your products?

We believe a good healthcare business model is comprised of a few consistent things, and can be clearly explained in a simple diagram. We advocate that your business model must take into account its relevance within the entire healthcare ecosystem, knowing that only some of it is in your control. We appeal to your company to ensure your products stem from a true understanding of your customer’s value drivers and are presented to them in a manner that speaks to their needs, attitudes, jobs-to-be-done, value position and behaviors.

We can help you do all of this. Let us work with your consumer, product and marketing teams to define your business model in a visually compelling manner using our proprietary method. Work with us to understand how you fit in the healthcare ecosystem. Let us help you understand what is valuable to your customers, and engineer a business model that delivers value to them consistently.

We can help your company with:

  • Generating healthcare business models,
  • Architecting value chains, and
  • Designing a channel-threading strategy.

Contact us for more detail, to engage our team in a project, or to have us provide your stakeholders with a workshop on healthcare-focused Business Model Generation.