1.b Clarify your value proposition

modelH – the Business Model Method for Collaborative Healthcare Innovation

The Drawing Room: Part 1.b Clarify your value prop

How closely aligned are your products’ value proposition to your customer’s needs and wants? Do your product benefits compel a consumer to your value proposition? Does the information used to support purchase of your products and services speak to the Value Proposition or to something else?

We believe your products’ value proposition must first and foremost align to your ideal customer’s value drivers. We advocate that your company apply our Healthcare Value Proposition method to create clear linkage between product features, benefits, and value proposition. We appeal to your company to understand how this value is augmented or subtracted through the consumers’ healthcare influencer ecosystem.

We can help you do all of this. Let us work with your consumer, product and marketing teams to help them learn why your company needs a defined value proposition for each product and service, and teach them how to develop them quickly. Work with us to understand how you can extend beyond a standard User Centered Design approach b our Healthcare Value Proposition method. Let us help you understand how to take into account the ecosystem of consumer health influencers, a consumer’s retail-purchase value position, and their health jobs-to-be-done.

We can help your company with:

  • Implementing lean customer development methods,
  • Value proposition canvasing, and
  • Aligning product features and benefits.

Contact us for more detail, to engage our team in a project, or to have us provide your stakeholders with a workshop on building healthcare-focused Value Proposition Canvasing.