How We Do It

Our visual language for healthcare system thinking – called the Business Model Method for Collaborative Healthcare Innovation or modelH for short – enables companies to quickly generate better business models and communicate them across audiences. The method is derived from years of healthcare experience delivering innovative solutions within both large legacy companies and entrepreneurial start-ups. From the drawing room to the boiler room to the board room, we help work with you to design your business to thrive.

The Drawing Room

Part 1 of our method is focused on defining your customer, your value proposition, and your desired customer experience. This important first step is too often overlooked as companies rush to build capabilities to fill mass-market needs. The push for a retail solution cannot bypass the need to understand who your customers are. The graveyard of poorly designed “consumer” health solutions reminds us of this fact.

The Boiler Room

Part 2 of our method is focused on operationalizing your new business models. It is not enough to have a great idea to solve a business dilemma. You also need the means to bring the idea to market in a meaningful, and immediate way. This is especially true within a healthcare system where entrenched practices and inertia create natural antibodies that derail breakthrough transformation.

The Board Room

Part 3 of our method focuses on how you collaborate, communicate, and implement your vision. We appreciate that for healthcare and other business solutions to be meaningful and lasting they must be co-created, within your organization, as well as with partners across your ecosystem. Our method pulls in all stakeholders into a collaborative setting to work jointly on a common problem for a common solution.