Erectile Dysfunction Therapy That Doesn’t Cause Heart Problems

According to statistics, over 50% men older than 65 suffer from erectile dysfunction. At this age, sexual activity is still possible, but intercourse and treatment of ED should be spare — all in all, there’s a higher risk of cardiovascular problems. How to deal with erectile dysfunction so that a man wouldn’t face heart diseases afterward? Here’s an ultimate guide to the safest ways of treatment.

Pills are not a magic wand

Erectile Dysfunction Therapy

The most important role in the treatment of erectile dysfunction is drug therapy. For many years, sildenafil is most commonly used as the main drug in this treatment. This substance provides an erection subject to sexual stimulation. Initially, sildenafil was in clinical trials as a drug to lower blood pressure in hypertension. However, in the course of research work with him, an interesting side effect was discovered: the drug not only reduced blood pressure but also significantly increased blood filling in the groin area in men, thus provoking the occurrence of erection.

ED drugs have a hypotensive effect. With an increase in the dosage of the active substance, there is a sharp drop in blood pressure, and in case of chronic cardiovascular diseases, the likelihood of fatal complications significantly increases the risk of vascular collapse, heart attack or stroke.

Conclusion: medications containing sildenafil and chemicals alike (Viagra, Levitra, Cialis) should be taken by healthy young men. In older users, they can provoke problems with the heart. OR you can take the minimal dosage of ED medications: various dosages of pills are available in the form of generics. They are not sold in usual drugstores, but you can order them online via service.

So, what are alternative methods of ED treatment that won’t affect your health?

Kegel exercises

Many have heard about these exercises, but more often they are recommended only to women. It’s a common mistake! Regular Kegel exercises can do wonders for men, too:

  • improve erection;
  • increase the intensity of orgasms;
  • prevent premature ejaculation.

How to perform Kegels? Find the muscles in the groin that you contract to stop peeing. Start squeezing and releasing them. Hold muscles squeezed for a few seconds, then relax. Repeat these exercises on a daily basis, and positive effects won’t take long to come.

Moderate (!) cardio exercises

Some people with heart problems are recommended to strengthen the heart muscle by doing light cardio exercises. Yes, it can be positive for your sexual life, too. For an erection to be consistent, you need a healthy cardiovascular system. The quality of blood circulation and testosterone levels are related, as well as the health of the testicles and the brain (which, by the way, is also an important element of good sex). Keep in mind: cardio load is a great way to increase potency. Aerobic workouts also help stamina and increase the quality of your sexual sensations.

The rule is simple: everything that is good for the heart is good for potency.

Therefore, dedicate some 30–40 minutes a day for cardio exercises. Run, swim in the pool, play tennis (at least table tennis) or walk. The heart and the thing below the belt will thank you.

Yoga and meditation

Stress is the killer of sex and romantic mood. It causes heart rhythm disturbances, increases blood pressure, worsens mood. This psycho-physiological cocktail of negative emotions causes serious damage to sexual desire and reduces your efficiency. A worried man is unlikely to perform well in bed. Solution: look for ways to reduce the impact of negative psychological stress. Yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, psychotherapy, talking with your partner heart to heart — there are enough options to reduce stress.

Say NO to harmful habits

Smoking and binge drinking are bad for your heart and your well-being (including sexual health). If you have stress, do not calm down with cigarettes and alcohol. Otherwise, you risk earning vascular spasms and saying goodbye to a normal erection. Give up smoking for good. Remember that moderate (!) alcohol use does not harm to potency. And in some cases might even improve it. For example, a glass of red wine 3–4 times a week is a great way to sustain the dietary flavonoid intake and incidence of erectile dysfunction the health of the male reproductive system. All thanks to the flavonoids — antioxidants, which strengthen the walls of blood vessels and have a beneficial effect on the heart.

Shock-wave therapy

 Shock-wave therapy is an innovative approach to the treatment of impotence, which has already proven its effectiveness in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the cardiovascular system. Its action is based on the stimulating effect of acoustic waves, which trigger the growth of new blood vessels, which in turn normalizes the mechanism of erection, even in patients with severe microcirculation disorders.

Doctors note that the result is noted after two weeks of short-term procedures and lasts for at least a year after the start of treatment. Shock-wave therapy has no side effects, it allows to cease the intake of medications. The method helps most men with impotence.

Chinese traditional medicine

For the treatment of impotence, Chinese medicine uses a whole range of methods. Acupuncture (acupuncture, acupuncture) is one of the most common. Exposure to the patient’s endocrine system through biologically active points naturally increases the level of sex hormones. Stimulated rush of blood to the genitals dramatically increases sexual desire and the quality of erection.

Also, Chinese experts practice heating of biological points with a wormwood cigar. Heat exposure is designed to normalize the work of the urogenital system and adrenal glands, to stimulate hormonal balance. In addition, various types of massage can be prescribed, including vacuum, as well as herbal medicine and other procedures. Comprehensive application of Chinese medicine methods helps to normalize the blood supply to the genital organs, improve the endocrine and nervous system, as a result, erection, and spermatogenesis are restored, and hormonal balance is achieved.

Now you know that there’s a bunch of ED treatment methods that can work without medications. Hopefully, they will help you to achieve a full-fledged sexual life without side effects for your cardiovascular system.