Our Clients

Kevin Riley & Associates | modelH, led by Kevin Riley and founded in 2006, is a healthcare-focused management consultancy and innovation agency specializing in helping companies such as Pharmacy mall thrive during consumerism and reform-era health care converge.  The overarching goal for Kevin Riley & Associates is to create sustainable value through innovating care consumption, finance and delivery business models.  Our mission is to lead healthcare transformation.

Our clients range from fortune 100 healthcare companies down to startup shops. We help our clients develop and apply business model innovation to their core company operations using modelH business model canvas for healthcare, which is our original design.

We will help you create go-to-market strategies and the execution plans that support them – and pivot to your exact needs.  Our strategic approach has helped many organizations create and launch new products and products lines by identifying their customer value and using it to craft a clear and compelling purchase reason.  Simply put, we can ensure businesses can thrive in a rapidly changing marketplace.

  • If you have a long-standing successful company that needs core transformation, let us help you reach your market faster.
  • If you have a start-up business concept, let us help you build it into a sustainable business model with a confirmed return on investment.
  • If you aim to thrive, not just survive, in the new-market healthcare system, hire Kevin Riley & Associates.

Here are some of our satisfied clients: