2.b Plan for your market

modelH – the Business Model Method for Collaborative Healthcare Innovation

The Bolier Room: Part 2.b Plan for your market

Are you ready to take your new business model or product line to market? Can you construct a compelling business plan and sound operational model to convince your financial stakeholders of your success? Have you considered how to “thread” your product across your channels in a value progression?

We believe your go-to-market plan should be simple, reasonable, and compelling. We advocate that your consumer model should be based on a channel-threading strategy to deliver the experience you need to compel your customers to a purchase decision. We appeal to your company to take into account both the traditional 4Ps, as well as the 4Ps of healthcare – patient, provider, payer, and purveyor.

We will help you create a seamless direct-to-consumer Channel Threading Strategy across all of your consumer channels, available and planned.  A channel threading strategy helps to ensure integration of all consumer touch points. This ties together the channels and touchpoints that exist today as well as identifying any areas that are not being addressed, and making recommendations on how they can be filled-in and/or compensated.

Let us work with your consumer, product and marketing teams to define your business and operating plan in a visually compelling manner using our proprietary method. Work with us to understand how your market plan can take advantage of congruencies within the healthcare ecosystem. Let us help you understand what is valuable to your customers, and engineer a channel-threading plan that delivers value to them consistently, on their terms and based on their preferences.

We can help your company with:

  • Building go-to-market plans,
  • Designing operating models,
  • Developing channel-threading strategies, and
  • Financial projections and modeling.

Contact us for more detail, to engage our team in a project, or to have us provide your stakeholders with a workshop on healthcare-focused Go-to-Market Planning with a focus on Channel Threading.