Healthcare Innovation Blueprint

Our Model for Sustainable Corporate Innovation

We couple our deep healthcare domain and business solutions expertise with the principles of disruptive innovation to help you realize new opportunities for growth and better solutions for your customers. We will help you systematically advance ideas to market readiness by positioning the qualified ones for advancement with the right stakeholder(s). We will help you use experimentation to quickly evaluate your ideas at low cost, and incubate new ideas using faster-to-market techniques. We teach you how to innovate so that your team is able to lead the process of re-inventing your business in a manner that is coherent with your strategy.

We can help you:

  • Construct an open innovation ecosystem,
  • Define your innovation strategy, execution process and supporting system,
  • Gather insights on matters that influence consumer needs, attitudes and behaviors
  • Approach consumer problems by addressing their “jobs to be done,”
  • Engineer a process and system to evaluate qualified ideas,
  • Define your innovation resources and help set-up your innovation team(s),
  • Leverage available assets to chart a profitable growth path for the future,
  • Learn innovation facilitation techniques like design thinking and business model generation,
  • Deliver disruptive transformations that drive diversified income,
  • Design disruptive solutions that help enable better health for your customers,
  • Design incremental improvements into existing assets,
  • Outline your goals and metrics, and prioritize work to deliver faster results, and
  • Take advantage of impending business and technology disruptions.

Contact us for more detail, our team in a project or to have us provide your stakeholders with a workshop on innovation strategy and ecosystems.