2.c Prototype your minimum viable product

modelH – the Business Model Method for Collaborative Healthcare Innovation

The Bolier Room: Part 2.c Prototype your MVP

How fast can you get your healthcare products to market? How much do you learn about your customer’s acceptance of your products, and how much does it cost you? Can you pivot your go-to-market plans based on customer response to your market entry?

We believe your best approach is one that enables product designers to determine whether people want what they are building – in a manner that gauges acceptance and demand – yet preserves capital and time. We advocate for your company to introduce and incorporate lean product development methods like Agile and MVP so you can build both minimally and modularly. We appeal to your company to prototype your ideas with your ideal customers in controlled market release so you can learn and pivot your design for optimal results.

We can help you do all of this. Let us work with your consumer, product and marketing teams to learn why your company needs agile product development methods, and how you can best employ them in your market operations. Work with us to re-design your development method so that a product that gets built through a cycle of the build, measure, and learn loop, as fast and smartly as possible. Let us help you design a repeatable and sustainable model for quick market prototyping.

We can help your company with:

  • Defining your ideal customer’
  • Learning minimum viable product design’
  • Implementing lean product development methods’ and
  • Setting up a prototyping laboratory/process.

Contact us for more detail, to engage our team in a project, or to have us provide your stakeholders with a workshop on incorporating Agile Product Development methods into your business.