Kevin Riley

Kevin Riley’s Vizify Bio

As a recognized thought leader on the convergence of health, retail, and innovation he enjoys sharing his perspectives in the hopes that a better health care system is created. You can see some of his previous talks here, or join him for an upcoming event.

The full story of Riley’s career reflects a passionate pursuit to create meaningful experiences that drive consumer decisions, and ultimately their behaviors and actions. Through a continuously evolving understanding and application of design, technology, process, and innovation, Riley has built many businesses – both for himself and for others. In each case, he has applied sound business fundamentals and innovation principles to transform business concepts into sustainable models, with confirmable return on investment. Moreover, he has created authentic stakeholder value.Fortunate to learn strong leadership and management skills early in his career, Riley knows that great endeavors require great teams working in concert. It is for that reason that he has applied so much focus on designing high-performing groups and developing great people to match his innovative business ideas.

Riley is also the founder of modelH is a dynamic collaboration between Kevin Riley & Associates, Innovation Excellence, and Batterii that has come together for a year-long project focused on co-creating healthcare business models. The goal is to co-create an open-source business model canvas with the healthcare community in a collaborative forum. Professional colleagues know Riley as a visionary leader that can focus a hard-charging team on a common objective, in a harmonious manner, to deliver world-class business results. His many work successes attest to his leadership abilities; his secret sauce is his mix of business model innovation, customer orientation, team commitment, and technical savvy. Riley’s abilities, skill sets, and experiences have enabled him to “sweat the details” while keeping focus on the larger landscape – driving a vision to a reality. He is highly skilled in using technology and process engineering to create the operational efficiencies for a business to thrive. He has delivered solutions for many Fortune 1000 companies across the globe.

Throughout his career, Riley has been active in community and professional organizations. He is a member of numerous national health, retail, and innovation groups and is a sought out speaker and thought leader on health care innovation, retail strategy, and consumerism.Riley has served on several company boards and acted as a mentor for many start-up ventures. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with honors from Sam Houston State University and a Master of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship from Rice University, and is the recipient of many professional, academic and athletic honors.Professionally, Riley brings exuberance to his work and is well regarded by colleagues as a consistent, highly energetic, and thoughtful leader that brings creativity and inherent enthusiasm to each and every endeavor. Personally, he is a proud husband and father, committed friend, avid angler, music aficionado – and with his family, spends time learning about how to make a better world together, which is the same approach he brings to his professional life. Lastly, Riley enjoys fishing, good music, and the Celtics – and he has been known to share his viewpoint on all three.