Drawing Room

modelH – the Business Model Method for Collaborative Healthcare Innovation

Part 1 – The Drawing Room


The Drawing Room

Part 1 of our modelH method focuses on defining your customer, your value proposition, and your experience. This important first step this too often overlooked as companies rush to build capabilities to fill mass-market needs. The graveyard of poorly designed “consumer” health solutions reminds us of is fact. That is why we start our process in the Drawing Room – designing out who we are creating value for, how that value will be perceived, and how that value can best be experienced.

We can help your company

  • Advance your direct to consumer strategy
  • Develop your consumer channel threading strategy
  • Assess your current experiential design
  • Design the role of your chief customer officer
  • Introduce job-to-be-done consumer segmentation models
  • Unbundle your core health insurance products to stand up for individual purchase
  • Implement the infrastructure and management systems needed to converse with the consumer
  • Transform into a customer intimate company

Contact us for more detail, to engage our team in a project, or to have us provide your stakeholders with a workshop on any of these services.