2013 Look Back at Kevin Riley & Associates

2013 was certainly a great year for Kevin Riley & Associates. I wanted to look back in less than two minutes and point out some of the highlights.

The Thought Life

In 2013, I was busy creating something entirely new. I launched modelH – a new way of thinking about healthcare business models. It creates value across the healthcare ecosystem and maps out a better way to build businesses. I was fortunate to have over 200 thought leaders contribute their thoughts. You can see the fruits of our labor here at www.modelH.org.

In 2013, I also helped write a book on innovation that is due out in 2014 called Innovation Alchemists.

And finally, I did a lot of blogging on innovation in healthcare, with a particular focus on building better healthcare business models. I was honored with an award for my efforts – which was very gratifying. It is good to know there are others passionate about fixing healthcare.

The Spoken Life

2013 was also a great year to spread the word. I launched on some new social media platforms and was able to meet some new friends.

For example, one day I was followed by LeBron James – I have no idea why and I certainly do not believe that LBJ handles his own twitter follows himself – but still – pretty cool right!

On a serious note, throughout 2013 I spoke often on topics like business model design and how to build a startup company. It is a privilege more than a job for me to speak about what I love. I am grateful for the chance to share my thoughts and have real conversions with serous people about the convergence of healthcare and the consumer.

The Work Life

2013 was a great year for Kevin Riley & Associates. In short, I helped some great companies become even better.

I  collaborated with large insurance companies to “go retail”. I built some new physical storefronts as well as some virtual ones. And I promoted the customer experience into healthcare and the customer’s perspective into product design.

I also launched a new company of my own – Let’s Do X, or simply LDX. LDX is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform and app designed to help health care providers and their patients coordinate efficiently in real-time through our proprietary mobile communications model.  More on this idea soon.

The Volunteer Life

Any finally 2013 was a great year for helping others.  I mentored several startups and helped launch a few new ideas at various startup accelerators, such as Startup Weekend. It is a privilege to teach and encourage burgeoning entrepreneurs.

The Good Life

This was a lot to accomplish and it was only possible through the support of my co-workers and customers. We look forward to even more excitement in 2014.

Thanks for making 2013 memorable,